On Saturday – 9/9/2023, SCC joined the Full Moon 2023 festival called “Trăng Yêu Thương” (Our Beloved Full Moon) at Maison Chance (Ho Chi Minh city).

To celebrate the Full moon 2023, the Ho Chi Minh City Young Business Association – Cholon branch (YBA) together with Maison Chance (Binh Tan district, HCMC) organized a festival for children and people with health conditions or impairments living in this community. This festival was a chance for association members cooperating for a good will. Thanks to this event, SCC family could contribute to the society while having good time together after a time of working hard.

Maison Chance’s children at the Full moon 2023 festival.

During this festival, Maison Chance family received the health examination from a professional clinic. Besides that, they were presented with groceries and necessities. The festival was much upbeat when children enjoyed the games with physical activities. These games were organized to encourage the comprehensive development of children.

Children are having fun with traditional games.

The festival also welcomed the perfomances from professional bands and artists such as Sy Luan singer, etc. Maison Chance’s children and family also prepared and performed their talents. These performances enhanced the festive mood of the party. The festival would not be a truly Full moon festival if there were no Lion dance and Lantern parade. Therefore, the party was wrapped up with the lion dance perfomance and lantern parade. These traditional activities would become unforgettable memories for not only children of Maison Chance but everyone at the festival.

The happiness of children at the festival.

Together with the other organizations, SCC was pleased to join and enjoy the Full moon festival at Maison Chance. The joy and love of Maison Chance family become the valuable memories and motivation for everyone there. This festival would be the event that SCC would love to join not only in this year but also the later years.

HCMC, 09/2023