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Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions for Automotive Suppliers

Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions for Automotive Suppliers

Mechanical, electrical and software systems of modern cars are often developed by suppliers and bring increasing integration challenges. Program success depends on close collaboration between automakers and suppliers. Our solutions help suppliers digitalize planning, design, testing and manufacturing of automotive systems by integrating engineering functions and providing real-time access to information through an open PLM.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

A fully digitalized business model is accomplished by connecting all phases of the product lifecycle with a digital thread. And critical technologies like cloud, mobility, additive manufacturing, and advanced robotics are needed to enable this type of digitalized environment.

Over the last several years these technologies have reached a level of maturity to enable this transformation, such that companies are now able to leverage them in their current state to digitalize their environments and the process of transforming innovative ideas and raw materials into real products.

Siemens Digital Industries Software manufacturing solutions help you achieve smart manufacturing today, to build the automotive products of tomorrow.

Software & Systems Engineering

Software & Systems Engineering

The Automotive market is changing faster than ever. Consumers are demanding more connected vehicles. Governments require greener transportation. In addition, new competitors are delivering on these needs and much more. This leads to a more complex vehicle development process. The only way to address these issues is an integrated Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach. With Software & Systems Engineering, your teams can manage this complexity to deliver the right vehicle on time, every time.

Automotive Suppliers Solutions

Lifecycle Collaboration

Today’s Automotive & Transportation industry has never been more cost-competitive, and efficiencies need to be gained wherever possible as vehicles are getting more complex. A lifecycle approach to process and data management is critical to meet these challenges. Our solutions address how you manage change, execute work processes, drive quality, and connect to external suppliers and customers. Our lifecycle management approach to centralizing technical information and keeping it up to date and accessible means knowledge workers can be more efficient and achieve higher levels of performance.

Supplier Program Management

Designing and simulating the automobile and transportation systems of the future that are more complex and sophisticated requires a sophisticated program management tool.

Power Electronics Simulation & Testing

Engineers must consider the cost, size, weight, efficiency, and thermal characteristics of power modules in their products making them very complex but critical components.

E/E Systems Development

Automotive leaders are developing vehicles with increasingly innovative capabilities that challenge the architecture and overall system design of a vehicle in unprecedented ways.

Battery Modeling and Simulation

Electric storage systems come with a variety of designs and chemistry to fit with the large spectrum of applications, vehicles, and expected performance levels.